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Get the Inflight Reader app and download free magazines (and books on iOS) for 24 hours whenever you travel through an airport. Free download from the app stores.


Waiting For The World To Change?

The experience for airport travelers has remained largely unchanged for decades. Now there is a way to provide an experience of discovery and increased value for travelers, while also benefiting the airport retail marketplace. Welcome to Inflight Digital!


It's A Good Thing!

Inflight Reader’s 24-hour sessions let travelers discover, download and read magazines for free on iOS and Android devices while they travel.

The new reality is that millions of airport travelers bypass newsstands in favor of reading on their mobile devices. The problem of discovery is as prevalent with digital content as with print (perhaps even more so).


The Inflight Reader app enhances discovery of new content and gives publishers another tool in their struggle to compete with the entertainment and gaming industries for travelers’ attention.




Contextual Message Delivery

The world of the airline traveler is no longer closed. Gone are the days when travelers are limited to one size fits all messaging from airport retailers.


Inflight Digital’s directed messaging services are delivered through the Inflight Reader app. Airport travelers receive messages contextualized to the type of content they have viewed, previewed, and downloaded in the app. Additionally, message categories are cross-referenced with travelers’ responses to proximity alerts and in-app coupon redemption.

The Inflight Reader app employs proximity beacon technology to further contextualize micro-location message delivery at airports. Location-specific retailer messages are delivered based upon user interest.


The right message directed at each traveler results in a more satisfying travel experience.


The Future of Retail

Message Control

& Flexibility

Inflight Digital’s easy-to-use Message Central Dashboard provides the ultimate flexibility for when, where and how retailers deliver their messages to travelers through the Inflight Reader app.


Inflight Digital is led by a diverse team of highly qualified marketing, publishing, engineering and digital communications professionals with extensive experience in both print and digital content development and delivery. Our experience includes strategic planning, Internet communications, mobile development, database, and application development and mass communications systems. We are also intimately aware of the challenges and opportunities facing the global publishing industry and how they relate to the goals and objectives of today's publishers.


The Inflight Digital team offers significant relevant experience in developing mission-driven digital products that are measurable, and targeted towards maximizing the needs of publishers, consumers, and sponsors.


The Inflight Reader App Offers

Travelers Free Magazines

Mar 25, 2014 By Shenequa A. Golding

For Immediate Release

The Inflight Reader App Launches